A Bit More About Me

I started shooting images at the early age of 7 with an old Italian camera given by my father. Only after I stayed in New York for a long period of time and following a course at the International Institute of Photography I mastered my camera in a way I felt realy comfortable.

I have had 3 exhibitions but decided, for now, that it is not my thing. Currently still working on a coffee table book about my time in NYC. I love shooting images of animals, architecture, odd things and people. But in general I shoot images of things that catch my eye. I carry a Huawei P20 Pro with me and have a number of Canon full and small sensor camera's. But I always say, it does not matter what camera (lense is a different story) you carry, the photographer needs to see the subject and make it work.

Everybody shoots images but a good image is more then point and click. It's emotion and mastering technique to let it show in a way that reacches the beholder.