Hello, my name is Tom Hall and provide affordable fine art photography to the public. I enjoy the idea that people enjoy my work so much that they have saved space on their walls of their apartments, offices and public spaces.


Urban, architecture, nature and abstract subjects is what I like to immortalize most. But street photography has captures my heart,"You live the moments outside on the streets more vividly compared to in the studio. The sounds, people, smells and unexpected activity around the corner".


My goal is to make fine art photography available to anyone who needs something to brighten up their living or working quarters without buying art that is already on 25.000 or more walls or ceilings.You can purchase a selection of my photographic artwork through Photo4Me



In 2004 I lived in New York for a while. I grew to love New York, it's sights and most of all people and habbits. I still visit NY every 2-3 months.


In February 2008 I split my art photography from the more commercial work and Tom Hall Photography was born.

Dedicated to the art of Photography

"In pursuit of shadow & light, hunting to capture the unexpected".


January 2010 Brendan Dubois "Twilight" has been published in Belgium and The Netherlands. One of my images from the series "A bigger slice of the Apple" has been acquired for use on the cover.


I am currently preparing a new project that currently is "under wraps" but I can tell you that it is based on the JPG rastorbator, but with a twist.